If you are new to this site or simply wish for a quick runthrough of my work, this page gives a short description of the things I believe my research has found out about the Voynich manuscript. The arguments for each can be read on the article pages.

1. The characters <a, y> are variants which depend on their position in a word and following character. In middle positions they may also sometimes be deleted. Together these three expressions make up a composite character which is used in the same positions as <o> and with it form a particular class of character.

2. Most words in the Voynich manuscript can be broken down into one or more sections each containing one of the two characters <a, y> or <o>. The other characters are typically arranged within a section in specific ways. When a word contains multiple sections their composition and position in a word are also specific.

3. The first character of linefirst words (that is, word found at the beginning of a line) is statistically different from the first character of words in the text as a whole. Some process works to alter the first character of a linefirst word. [This finding is still being investigated and hopefully some specifics of these transformations will be worked out.]